Employee training

Mobility and professional recognition

CQP Brémand

Encouraging professional mobility and the recognition of employees from our sectors represent a major issue for the future of our professions.

Aware of the importance of this issue, managers and employees from Textile and Clothing companies from the greater west have greatly invested in allowing more than 500 employees to access careers that lead to a qualification.
To find out more about all the courses:
  • safeguarding and passing on know-how
  • Interprofessional Professional and Qualification certificates
  • GPEC (manpower planning)
  • Professional interviews
  • In-house training
  • Professional mobility
  • Validation of work experience
  • Professionalization and Skill Development
  • Employment incentives and Professionalization contract
To find out more: www.forthac.fr

National  Framework Agreement available in our 5 regions:

Faced with the scale and increased acceleration of economic, social and demographic transfers in all the sectors that have signed the present agreement, and with their impact on the content and volume of jobs, pursuing specific coaching is necessary to anticipate the effects of these evolutions on jobs and qualifications. This involves carrying out initiatives linked to economic difficulties: notably increasing the chances of internal or external mobility and targeting employees more whose lack of training weakens career advancement.

A few key figures:

In 2009 more than 2500 targeted employees benefited from a training path with nearly €9 million committed, with the FORTHAC and the STATE providing more than 80% through our 5 regional programmes.