Groupe Franaud focuses on luxury manufacturing and is currently hiring

After La Ferrière Couture, Françoise Piou and Arnaud Nassiet took over the reins of two factories in Legé and L'Aguillon-sur-Vie. For this duo, Made in France definitely has a future !


Copyright : Françoise Piou et Arnaud Nassiet (Ouest-France)

After working with clothing and textiles in Thailand, Françoise Piou returned to France to run La Ferrière Couture, one of France's last "pant manufacturers". The pants produced sell for up to 1,500 € in luxury boutiques around the world. Since Françoise's arrival three years ago, the company has increased its staff from 29 to 44 employees.

Arnaud Nassiet joined the company one year ago after having been an executive for an Italian luxury glassware manufacturer. In October 2014, the Franaud company they created joined with La Ferrière Couture, Atelier Cannelle Couture (ACC) in Legé (the southern Loire-Atlantique region) and the Jacques Brémaud factory in L'Aiguillon-sur-Vie.