ROZEN : work clothing since 1972

The story of Rozen work smocks, part of Lamballe's "economic" heritage, began in 1972 when the company was founded by tailor Eugène Cantin. Since 2012, Chantal Cherdo, Cantin's daughter and Eric Guillaume have been running the company together with each owning 50% of the business. Rozen's primary output is work garments for the medical and restaurant universes.

After two years "in the red", this highly-skilled company has regained an optimistic outlook.

eric guillaume

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"We are not as involved with "Mode Grand Ouest" as our predecessor, Olivier Cantin, since we're currently in the process of restructuring our company. But the legal service has been very effective in helping us update our collective Convention and we relied on the professional group's team to revise our 35-hour work week agreements." specifies Eric Guillaume.

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