Our know-how

couture violet drapePôle Mode is working to preserve, enhance and pass on fashion professionals know-how.

The greater west region possesses all the values and skills of the Textile-Clothing industry, which are spread across trades from fabric and finishing to fashioning and making up.

To start with, designers and stylists do their utmost to create aesthetic and comfortable clothes from innovative raw materials. A genuine regional heritage, this is combined with talent, tradition, design and trends.

So manufacturers create and manufacture their own clothing lines and make the greater west region a Brand territory. Contractors make Haute couture and top-of-the-range ready-to-wear designs with verve. Their prestigious creations, which require a highly qualified workforce, help to emphasise the regions fashion influence in France and overseas.

The design process requires a great deal of know-how, from the design to the assembling

The fashion designer creates a collection with the product manager who is in charge of planning the collection.

Then the dress designer analyses the different parts that make up the patterns and the pattern maker develops the pattern grading and the cutting plan. The research department identifies the technological process and calculates the price of each pattern. The planning office manages manufacturing operations in chronological order. And in this way, the garment takes shape in the workshops thanks to the different operations that include cutting, fitting, assembly and finishing.

Passion and design at the service of manufacturing and the passing on values.

Brands and collections continue to be the glory of these French Textile and Clothing professionals. In a world that leans towards uniformity and normality, the greater west is developing a love of work well done and all that is exceptional, factors that help its trades in France and overseas to be recognised and have an influence.

Continually looking to innovate and find new talent, these Textile-Clothing professionals rely on research institutes, training centres and professional unions that from today are providing the answers to the expectations of tomorrow.