Couture flou

literally loose-fitting couture

The couture Flou professional, a tailor or dress designer, must show that he or she has excellent dexterity, patience and care.

An artist and designer, he or she designs unique, innovative patterns for women's clothing. For this, his or her inventive spirit draws on his or her knowledge of the history of the female garment, thus fueling his or her knowledge as far as fashion, dress and fabrics are concerned.

After taking the measurements and defining the pattern, the couture Flou professional makes a female garment singly and finishes manually. The fabrics used in designing the garment are mainly supple fabrics like silk, muslin, voile, synthetic fabrics, velvet...

Knowing the fabrics (origin, designation, composition), the threads and the techniques he or she uses perfectly well, the designer also gives advice on supplies and accessories according to the fabric chosen for greater harmony and style.

After taking measurements and making the pattern for models such as dresses, skirts or blouses, the different parts of the garment are cut out, assembled, fitted, adjusted, finished and ironed.

Technical aptitudes complement artistic aptitudes for a perfect hang and impeccable balance. For this, good knowledge of the equipment whether computerised or not, programmable or not is essential (cutting equipment, yarn carrier, spinning machine, buttonhole machine, outlining machine, ironing machine). Lastly the expert also recommends how to look after the garment.

Couture flou is found in industry, specialised in working fabrics, in alteration workshops or in arts and crafts.