Who are we?

The Association for the Promotion of Clothing Traden in Western France, APHO, based in Cholet in the heart of the first national pole of the Clothing industry, is the largest network of French manufacturers in Fashion.

Based on research centers and training centers, the network of manufacturers, sub-contractors and designers, is to sensitize the Textile and Clothing industry to new economic challenges and support the development of their businesses. To enhance their communication and visibility, APHO has developed this interactive tool, accessible to professionals and consumers.

Single point of information, Pole Mode provides its network of entrepreneurs innovative tools and reagents for promotion. Watches and specific studies, regulations of any kind, indicators from research and training centers, from private and public area, are available for consultation by the actors of our network.

Containing a wealth of information, Pole Mode is also opened on France and internationally.

display shows the many faces of the profession, as well as its secular 'savoir-faire' recognized by haute couture and ready-to-wear range. The notoriety of this great West Pole, home of big brands, generating ideas and innovations, is offered to you.

Pole Mode is a place of exchanges, where reports and news testify of the dynamism of this world of the fashion in perpetual movement.
The economic structure of Textile-Apparel in the Great West is evolving, keeping in mind its ancestral values.